Wardrobe Consultancy

Most stylish people have small wardrobes with premium products that they match and accessorize to create numerous outfits. This help them quickly overhaul their collections with the changing trends.


Most women have lots of clothing but always feel they have nothing to wear. We can help provide guidance for building a spectacular collection of clothes from your very own wardrobe.

Our stylist will discuss your current wardrobe and even go through your wardrobe piece by piece to see if the items you cherish match who you are and the image you want to portray. Your clothes will be organized into piles as we determine what needs to be kept, donated, consigned, mended, or thrown away.Wardrobe

A quote to fix or mend, will be provided at the spot, so you can decide whether it is worth keeping. The goal is to place you on a path to make smart choices that flatter your figure, save you money, and make you feel sexy and confident every day. 


If you shop in Febéli Boutique and would like us to match or work with something you already have with you, it is complimentary. However, if you would like one of our consultants to visit your wardrobe, we charge $300 per visit for a maximum consultancy of three hours.

Contact us at our boutique for further details and how you can set up a consultancy.